Our Story

Our Story

Founded by mother and daughter team Nila Palmer and Kara Brandt, Know Notes Musicâ„¢ creates music education products to help your kids go from “no notes to know notes.”

Hi, I’m Nila Palmer. As a piano student over sixty years ago, I didn’t make the connection between the keyboard and music notation for several years.

Later, as I taught my own thirteen children piano lessons, I watched them struggle to make that connection.

In 1984 I made a game using a paper keyboard and note cards, and I had my six-year-old son, Stephen, place the note cards directly on the keyboard, hoping to help him understand the relationship between the keyboard and music notation.

We were amazed when forty-five minutes later he could read the notes on the music and find them on the piano. I wrote the story, “Stephen Learns to Read Notes” and tucked it away in the file cabinet.

Over the next several years, the story songs of Ned and Nancy in the Wonderful World of Know Notes came, sometimes in bits and pieces and other times in huge chunks.

In 1990 I somehow coerced several of my children to learn the original songs and script and we recorded a cassette tape in a recording studio. Twenty-two years later I found the cassette tape and recognized it as a priceless family treasure for future generations.

I had the tape converted to a CD and created a laminated book, “Know Notes,” to go with it for my grandchildren so that they could not only learn to read notes, but also hear their parents as children, speaking the script and singing the songs.

The feedback was loud and clear, “Mom, you need to publish this!”

So it’s time for Know Notes to come out of the file cabinet and into the homes of children everywhere so that they can learn to Know Notes, too.